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The Disappointment of Incremental Change

Oil to Natural Gas

Our first heartbreaking tradeoff. We didn't have the budget to change out the heating system for the whole house to forced air. Which meant we couldn't put in geothermal. Sigh. A million sighs.

So we decided on the incremental step from oil with a boiler that doubled for the Loch Ness Monster on the weekends, to a xxxx gas radiant heating system for the first and second floors. More on the third floor HVAC later. So grateful to the Mass Save program that supports funding 0% loans for energy efficiency projects. Hanscom Federal Credit Union to the rescue, and we were ready to orchestrate the change over. Of course not in winter. In May.

How do we responsibly dispose of the oil tank was the next question.


Responsible Tank Removal


xxx Water Heater


Four zone radiant heat


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